EV Journalist at DIYguru

January 14, 2023
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Job Description

About Us :

At DIYguru, we are on a mission to upskill a million people in E-Mobility by 2025.

We are India’s most prominent and leading EV Technology Course provider accredited by NEAT AICTE, ASDC & Digital India Foundation with 128+ Companies and 30+ Universities using the portal to upskill their students & employees. We have trained over 1500+ Graduates over the past six years, and more than 65 EV companies (Bosch, Hyundai, Eaton, L&T, TCS to name a few..), PSUs & Govt. Bodies (Indian Army) and various startups have benefited from our training programs in EV upskilling.

Job Description:

As a Correspondent, you will have to plan, ideate and write articles including automotive, mainly EV news and features for India’s most trusted EV platform. Take a look at the detailed job description below to know what all it’d entail!

Experience Range:

1 – 3 years

Educational Qualifications:

Any graduation, and Any PG

Job Responsibilities:

1. Write articles including breaking news events for DIYguru

2. Attend events such as EV car/bike launches for on ground reporting. You may even be required to assist review teams with EV car/bike shoots.

3. Share daily story ideas with the news editor/manager

4. Identify news worthy content and source exclusive information

5. Upload articles online using Content Management System and use appropriate in-links for cross-promotion of articles.
6. Tag/Embed suitable videos to articles and product pages

7. Ideate/Coordinate with designers to create innovative, user-friendly thumbnails and graphics

8. Promote articles on social media (Instagram, Twitter and app notifications) through content tailor-made for these platforms

9. Monitor competition websites to ensure no articles have been missed out

10. Write content for website’s product pages (model pages). Regularly update them for hygiene and SEO purposes

11. Write articles that cater to SEO and Product team needs

12. Assist News Editors in maintaining various tracking/performance sheets – daily news planning sheet, articles formats completion status sheet, weekly performance sheet, etc

Skills Required:

Article Writing, Content Curation, Automotive Writing,

Candidate Attributes:

Apply if you have:
• Fast fingers: Deadlines are tight; churning out news stories on time is important.
• Eye for detail: Being quick to publish won’t cut it if your facts or grammar are not in place.
• Know your nuts and bolts: We don’t need you to be a walking-talking auto glossary but with your sound research skills, you should be able to demystify complex automotive terms to the layperson.
• A nose for news: Being the first to publish requires being constantly on the hunt for breaking news. You have to be clued in to what’s happening not just in the automotive industry but in the world in general.
• Grin and bear it (and later beer it!) attitude: Weekends are off but be prepared for sudden call of duty. Besides, we are all WFH until at least the third wave ebbs.
• A modicum of fitness: This isn’t a prerequisite but you score extra points for being lean; this profession might require you to do vehicle testing and fuel runs.

Functional skills needed – Knowledge of SEO is a great bonus: Writing interesting content in the digital age is great only if it reaches the correct audience.