Hardware Test Engineer

June 28, 2024
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Job Description

Location – Bangalore, Karnataka
Company – Exponent Energy
Designation – Hardware Test Engineer

You’ll be working with the engineering and validation team.

This team runs on coffee with an infectious passion for building products that have never been built before. Our Flexible Energy Stack consists of the e^pack (battery pack) and e^pump (charging station) which together unlock 15-minute rapid charging.

Our philosophy: Break. Believe. Build

Break stuff. Break assumptions. Break the thumb rule.

Believe in the team. Believe in the process. Believe through failures.

Build fast. Build passionately. Build to simplify.

What you will do:

We’ve cracked rapid charging repeatably. The e^pack, e^pump, and e^plug work together to deliver a 15-minute charge experience.

As a test engineer, you will execute the testing of battery BMS or pump, connector, or integration test of these individual components as an ecosystem.

What you’ll do:

Understand the product(s) you test
Execute test procedures as called in Exponent Standards
Exercise safety practices and discipline in test execution
Process test data in a methodological manner to capture deviations
Work with sub-system owners till production & during product life
Establish test standards to cover regression testing
Raise bugs, assign them to relevant sub-systems, and prioritize
Make sure the product meets all specifications

What you’ll need:

Strong fundamental knowledge of electrical and mechanical concepts
Experience in executing test instructions
Hands-on on electrical wiring connections, torque tools, and cable size calculations
Good understanding of measurement instruments like datalogger, O-scope, etc
Good documentation skills for recording the observations of the test
Should understand specifications and should tend to ask “Why”
Attitude to learn, dedication, and passion to work in a team that solves problem
Previous test experience on battery BMS or charger systems
Time management to complete tasks earlier than commitment
Experience with Python coding to automate testing with R-Pi or Arduino boards

What matters:

Quality of work
Approach towards problem-solving
Dissatisfaction towards mediocre work
Resilient attitude to bounce back after failing

About Us

Exponent simplifies energy for EVs.

Co-founded by Arun Vinayak (Ather Energy’s Founding Partner & Former Chief Product Officer) and Sanjay Byalal (Former hardware strategic sourcing and cell strategy lead, Ather and Former Supply Chain Lead, HUL), Exponent focuses on solving two sides of the energy problem by building the e^Pump (charging station) and e^Pack (battery pack) which together unlock 15-min rapid charging.

The 200+ strong team of passionate builders have a ton of EV experience and are currently looking for more builders to join one of the best EV teams in India to build & scale Exponent.