Simulation Engineer (HV battery)

June 20, 2024
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Job Description

Position : Simulation Engineer (HV battery)

Location: Chennai

Experience : 6- 12 yrs

Job Description

Responsible for developing 1D simulation models, methodologies and processes from physical principles for high voltage and low voltage Lithium-ion batteries (cells, modules, pack) using such as GT Suite, Matlab, Simulink etc. 2. Develop, test, and correlate high-fidelity physics-based models for high/low voltage Lithium-ion batteries for electrified and hybrid powertrains (equivalent circuit, thermal runaway, thermal propagation, gas venting, electrochemical, coupled with thermal models etc.) 3. Develop aging models for Lithium-ion high voltage batteries. 4. Develop model predictive controls (MPC) optimization methodologies for balancing performance, aging, and energy management.
Provide components design direction, and control strategy development & optimization through System Integration
Execute advanced projects for new methodology and process development.
Document procedures and write technical/progress reports.
Coordinate between different release groups, global simulation teams and suppliers to identify risk and communicate virtual engineering results.

Internal: work closely with Battery chief engineer/DREs, Manufacturing team, Quality manager, Project cost manager, Purchasing, Vehicle cost manager

External: Battery suppliers

PERFORMANCE INDICATORS (INDICATIVE): Health of the battery project simulations (up-to-date and accurate reports, results close to target, correlation with test data), Management presentation feedback

Qualifications/Skills and Experience:  Bachelors/master’s in engineering (Mechanical/Automotive – Thermal Stream) and >6 years’ experience working for Auto OEMs/Suppliers (preferably on Electric vehicles)

Essential Skills

 Simulation – working with electrified & hybrid powertrain (engines, transmission, battery & motor) engineers, including controls and calibration, to proactively drive ePT system level design and optimization through virtual analysis tools such as GT Suite, Matlab, Simulink etc.  HV battery domain knowledge – internal parts, battery thermal challenges, simulation procedure, chemistry, DVP  Project management – Analytical skills, Leadership reporting

COMPETENCIES, CORE VALUES, BEHAVIOURS: –  Cross functional interaction – Team-oriented, good, and effective communication (both oral and written)  International exposure – overcome cultural and language barriers.  Limited Mobility – willingness to travel to Pune (and on special case, to other IAP country) for short-term visit.  Agility at work – situational awareness, ability to make clear decisions on limited information (communicating the risks clearly)  Versatility – ability to work on multiple tasks/projects simultaneously.  Change management – track updates to follow the details and the resultant impact on the project deliverables.  Ownership and accountability – self-drive and motivation, big picture thinking, ask for support when needed