Service Technician

June 28, 2024
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Job Description

JD – Service Technician.

About Us

Electric vehicle adoption is essential in our transition to a sustainable future. But thus
far, the lack of charging stations have filled millions of potential customers with 'Range
Anxiety', and as a result, our cities have been denied the clean air that they deserve.

At ElectricPe, we are approaching this problem head on, and are racing ahead to
provide smart, affordable, and clean Electric Mobility to a billion Indians.

We are working hard at building India's largest Electric Vehicle Charging Platform, and are
doing so by partnering with thousands of independent charge point operators that are
serving a community near you. Rest assured, you will never have to worry about your EV
running out of charge or finding a charging point near you.

What we Believe In

At ElectricPe, we are problem-solvers at heart. It is problems and the opportunity to solve
them that gives us a rush of adrenaline. How we go about solving these problems is through a
first-principles approach. We look to boil down complex ideas to their most fundamental
parts, in order to develop and execute solutions that target the onus of the problem.

We are also fierce debaters, and believe that the best ideas come when one absolves
themselves of their ego, and engages in spirited debate with their fellow coworkers. To us,
no idea is too crazy, and no problem is impossible to solve. As long as you can justify your
ideas with clarity and a vision that aligns with our mission to electrify India, we are open to

 Installs and tests products to make sure they work correctly.
 Follows installation and operation manuals.
 Responds to service requests and repairs products.
 Uses diagnostic tools to determine repair plans.
 Teaches customers how to use their products.
 Escalates issues to managers promptly.
 Knows how to use the necessary tools and equipment.
 Writes service reports after every appointment.
 Collaborates with managers and other service technicians.
 Follows all company policies and procedures.
 Adheres to safety regulations and industry standards.

Must to have skills:

 Experience: 0-1 year with good communication.
 Fluent in Languages: English, Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil.
 Industry Type: Electric Mobility.
 Employment Type: Full Time, Permanent