Team Leader – Driveline & Aggregate

June 28, 2024
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Job Description

Team Leader – Driveline & Aggregate – Role & Responsibilities
Purpose of the Role:
Lead a design team from concept phase to practical completion of a project. Manage the team to
produce high quality solutions for projects, and be able to apply engineering knowledge and principles
to devise innovative solutions to unique design problems. Responsible for the operation of a section,
supporting the Project Leader in achieving project targets. Provide leadership and line management to
the team, coordinating and overseeing their workloads, providing support to ensure that the team
delivers, monitoring any issues, and ensuring timescales, KPIs and deadlines are met in order to meet
the requirements of the project. Develop the team by focusing on individual performance and support
requirements to achieve high standards. Outcomes reviewed by organisational head. Works on
multiple major projects of the highest complexity requiring forefront-of-field, innovative solutions.
Decisions have a large impact and results have a critical impact on the objectives and goals of the
Key Responsibilities:
Strategy and Development
 Contribute to the Creation and implementation of best practice engineering vision, strategy,
policies, processes and procedures to aid and improve operational performance
 Ability to capture and specify the design requirements
General and Task Management
 Lead major projects requiring forefront-of-the-field, innovative, original solutions, provide
technical expertise to the team in EV Motors, Driveline & aggregates
 Plan and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Estimate, track and complete projects on
time and within budget
 Research concept ideas using mathematical modelling to work out whether new developments
and innovations would be feasible
 Analyse the Engineering and Project input in order to interrogate it, reach an agreement and
integrate it formally in a Design solution
 Produce design ideas, based on research, into technical plans for prototypes using
computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-assisted engineering (CAE) software
 Analyses the design proposals and the technical information in order to identify the issues
arising during the development, defining and implementing adequate solutions in order to reach
a feasible proposal with a high form and aesthetic quality
 Costing of parts & aggregates in the system
 Analyse and manage multiple design related issues to identify root cause
 Modify designs based on the analysis to re-test and analyse until design meets specification
 Make design changes on existing products and track them
 Make vehicle aggregate specifications for the project
 Perform root cause analysis and resolve problems
 Write reports and present progress at project meetings
 Quality control of work by appropriate reviews
 Apply specific technical skills as required to support the project work
 Conduct benchmarking studies to determine best designs and future trends
 Plan longer range for the project, tracking and completing projects on time within budget.
 Manage activities of a complex nature where there are limited precedents available
 Lead the development of innovative solutions to unique problems
 Ensure an effective interface with other departmental staff is maintained
 Provide technical expertise to the team
 Identify and deploy the technical skill sets, resource levels and systems to deliver projects,
including the engagement of external resources as required
 Monitor the completion of tasks and ensure good performance and record on appropriate

 Develop, implement and manage key performance indicators (KPIs) for each area of
 Ensure KPIs are met by working to the overall plan
 Conduct risk assessments of processes and tasks in the department
 Undertake continuous training and development
People Management & Relationship Management
 Provide leadership and guidance to a group of engineers
 Support line management to ensure adequate staffing levels, managing holiday allowances,
recruitment, training, development, appraisal, attendance, disciplinary issues and daily
supervision to maximise efficient productivity
 Motivate and coach the team to operational success
 Communicate KPIs from the strategic annual plan so that each employee is aware
 Consistently promote high standards through personal example and roll out through the
team so that each member of the team understands the standards and behaviours expected of
 Liaise and communicate with other departments, customers, suppliers and other service
Skills and Attributes:
 Exercise considerable initiative/judgment in work methods and in interpreting and delegating work
 Work independently and is reviewed infrequently with minimal supervision
 Self-supervising
 Strong people management and leadership skills, able to coach, mentor and develop staff of
various skills and personalities
 Excellent verbal and written communication skills & able to communicate with clarity and
demonstrate excellence in approach to work and people activities
 Excellent organisation skills
 Excellent problem solving skills
 Able to manage a wide variety of activities at the same time
 Able to plan, analyse and challenge
 Able to work cross functionally and collaboratively with many stakeholders
 Solid understanding of all people related processes and procedures
 Financial acumen with ability to balance material usage
 Able to identify root cause of problem
 Able to work well with and mentor both high and low performers in a team or group environment,
setting expectations, and providing input and feedback in a helpful way that fosters accountability
Qualifications and Experience Levels:
 Graduate/Master in Engineering (Electrical) with 08-12 years of experience in Automobile
 Working experience of full cycle of vehicle design. Working in EV project.
 Hands on experience of electric vehicles aggregates
 Knowledge of CAD & working. DMU & assembly review
 Knowledge of PLM and BOM
 Knowledge of DFMEA, DFA, DFM, DFS
 Knowledge of QS/ISO TS 16949
 Knowledge of CAE and analysis result interpretations