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July 3, 2024
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Job Description

Role: EV Trainer

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About Sambhav Foundation
Sambhav Foundation is a non-profit organisation that envisions a more equitable future where
everyone has a chance to prosper. It is committed to changing the lives of women, youth and the
intellectually challenged by empowering them with skills and linking them to sustainable livelihoods.
Its goal is to change lives at scale by improving education, building skills, uplifting through employment
and entrepreneurship. Leading women to a life of greater financial and personal independence and
enabling an inclusive and accepting future for the intellectually challenged are key focus areas at the
foundation. Sambhav’s interventions also cover ensuring health and well-being extending last mile
reach of healthcare, building infrastructure for quality education and community living, providing
environmental stewardship and enabling access to affordable financial services to members of the
community. Working with over 2000 partners, Sambhav conducts programs that have impacted more
than 1 Million lives in India, including 13K micro-entrepreneurs incubated till date. The foundation
operates a network of 100+ skilling centres countrywide that offer 85+ vocational training courses.
Visit www.sambhavfoundation.org to learn more.
Role Overview: Trainer will be responsible for delivering high-quality training programs to adult

candidates enrolled at ourskill development centres. The trainer will deliver training, facilitate hands-
on practical sessions, assess candidate progress and provide support to ensure successful skill

acquisition and employability.
 Training Delivery:
 Conduct engaging, interactive and experiential learning sessions using a variety of
teaching methods and techniques.
 Provide theoretical instruction as well as practical presentation and demonstrations
to impart technical skills to adult candidates.
 Candidate Assessment and Progress Monitoring:
 Assess candidate learning needs and abilities to tailor training interventions
 Administer periodic formative and summative assessments to track candidate
progress and identify areas for improvement and reinforcement.

 Skill Building and Capacity Development:
 Coach and mentor adult candidates to enhance their technical skills, employability
skills and workplace readiness.
 Conduct workshops and skill-building activities to develop soft skills such as
communication, teamwork and problem-solving.

 Candidate Support Services:
 Provide individualized support and guidance to adult candidates to stay motivated,
address academic, personal or other challenges hindering their learning in a way to
ensure their attendance and retention in the system.
 Counsel adult candidates for academic growth and to enable them for placements.
 Guide adult candidates on core subject and behavioural aspect of interview coaching.
 Collaboration and Coordination:
 Coordinate with program management team to ensure seamless delivery of training
 Participate in team meetings, training sessions and professional development
activities to enhance training effectiveness.
 Organise Industry visits, Guest Lectures and Project work to ensure industry readiness
of adult candidates.
 Documentation and Reporting:
 Maintain accurate records of training activities, attendance, assessments and
candidate progress.

 Prepare regular reports and updates on training outcomes, challenges and success
stories for internal and external stakeholders.

Why this role?
Working as a skill development trainer with us offers the chance to make a meaningful difference in
the lives of individuals and communities while also growing personally and professionally in the
process in the following ways:
 Empowering Others: As a trainer, you have the opportunity to empower individuals with
valuable skills that they need to succeed in the workforce and can improve their employability
and socioeconomic status.
 Social Impact: Skill development training can have a transformative impact on communities,
particularly marginalized or disadvantaged groups.
 Personal Fulfilment: Witnessing tangible impact of your work on the lives of individuals when
they develop new skills, secure employment or start their own businesses can be incredibly
rewarding, satisfying and motivating.
 Professional Development & Career Growth: Working as a trainer with us, you continually
refine your teaching techniques and subject matter knowledge. This role offers opportunities
for professional growth and can be a stepping stone to higher-level positions within the
organisation or in the broader field of education and training or core industry.
 Innovation and Creativity: While conducting interactive workshops, hands-on activities or
daily classroom sessions, you can explore creative approaches to engage participants and
enhance learning outcomes.
 Contribution to Sustainable Development: Skill development is a key driver of sustainable
development as it enables individuals to contribute productively to their communities and
economies. By investing in human capital development, you contribute to long-term social
and economic progress, ultimately helping to build more resilient and prosperous societies.
 Must have good communication, presentation, counselling and interpersonal skills.
 Ability to work effectively with diverse groups of learners, including youth, adults and
marginalized populations.
o Bachelor’s degree in relevant field (e.g. Engineering, Management, Vocational
o Strong domain expertise in the relevant trade or functional area
o Excellent communication, facilitation and presentation skills
o Proficient in relevant software and tools used in the industry
o Willingness to stay updated on industry trends and upskill continuously