Battery Management Systems Engineer

June 20, 2024
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Job Description

About the job
Performing selections of components and developing Schematics and PCB design files for different parts of the system, such as: linear or switching power supplies, digital low and high current outputs, analog and digital inputs, communication interfaces, processor and control logic, onboard diagnostics, logging memory, etc
Perform PCB layout utilizing software like EAGLE CAD, etc
Perform circuit simulation utilizing software like Altium or MultiSIM, etc
Participating in the design of components which must be in compliance with automotive industry standards, in terms of EMC, ESD, safety, vibrations, environmental, and various other requirements
Co-ordinate fabrication of PCB board
Define & perform BMS PCB development tests to ensure proper functionality
Co-ordinate with Battery Analytics and Software Developer
Providing support to production and assembly during the production of prototypes
Close work with scientists from other departments to understand the final application and reiterating accordingly

As part of a highly collaborative environment, you will work independently and on a multi-disciplinary team. As such, candidates must have excellent communication and organizational skills and the desire to take on new tasks and develop new skills.


Master’s degree in computer sciences or relevant field of study
2 or more years of demonstrated successful experience IOT hardware development
Professional experience with the design, analysis, and/or testing of battery systems including modules, packs, and battery management systems
Academic/professional experience with some or all of the following:
Professional experience in using EagleCAD, Proteus, Altium, etc
Demonstrated ability to design and route multilayer circuit boards
Demonstrated experience in working with embedded systems/microcontrollers/microprocessors/DSPs
Modelling of battery performance, life, and/or safety
Mechanical design of battery systems
Thermal design of battery systems for passive, forced air, and/or liquid cooling
Electrical design of cell, module, and pack level interconnections
Safety design of battery systems


Apart from your Salary, we provide:

5-day work week
Company Offsites
Breakout sessions