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January 26, 2022
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Job Description

Job Responsibilties.
Software Validation Engineer is responsible for Validating Functional & Non Functional requirements, Fail Safe aspects of different Body ECU’s (EMM,BCM, HFM, USM ) as per specifications
Create and implement consistent with test strategies for several testing approaches such as listed below.

Functional Testing, Non-Functional Testing, Stress Testing, Unit Testing, integration Testing, Black Box Testing, White Box Testing, Regression Testing. User Acceptance Testing. Sanity Testing.
To develop and maintain tests plans for MIL/ HIL tests benches to validate vehicle Electric & Electronics ECUs / Systems (EMM, BCM, HFM, USM)
To be responsible for tests plans creation, test execution, review, and written test cases from requirements to final delivery to customer (Test Case design, Test case catalogue creation, Test Campaign, Test Scripting using CAPL/Python or TPT/JFTL etc).
To track necessary requirements changes or test cases changes.
Secure test coverage and test strategy efficiency, Work with System and SW teams to reuse and optimise overall test strategy
He/she is responsible of full Test case Coverage (Test case, Tests plan creation, Review, and final delivery to customer).
Major Responsibilties.

Review and analyse the requirements, design and implement software components, check and validate the tests plans before deliver to customer.
Provide technical solutions and technical leadership to the team. Ensure that the delivered solution meets the technical specifications and customer requirements / planning.
Review / update best practices / standards / guidelines / checklists periodically. Ensure the tests plans are up to the mark following new anomaly reports.
Conduct peer reviews (Local + Corporate) and ensure closure of issues.
Manage HIL/MIL validation campaign on time. Analyse tests failed and open anomaly reports. Make a synthesis of all tests.
Support customer for technical questions regarding validation and anomaly reports.
Contact regular audit and preserve HIL/MIL bench, environment etc.
Identify and define measures for defect prevention and mitigate technical risks
Represent SW team to other stakeholders and interface with system teams to optimize test plan coverage