DevOps Engineer

January 25, 2022
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Job Description

A Day In The Life Could Include: (job responsibilities)

Automate deployment of legacy software applications using Bash, Python, and RPM spec files.
Containerize microservices into standardized, lightweight packages to run on a container engine.
Automate deployment of containers at scale, maintaining high availability and zero downtime using a containerization platform.
Simplify and secure networking and communication between microservices by implementing service discovery and zero-trust security policies using a service mesh.
Design and create a robust, reliable, fully backed up, and highly available persistent storage for containerized environments.
Create and maintain documentation for install and upgrade paths of release software.
Design and create monitoring solutions for infrastructure, application, and performance metrics.
Design and create unified dashboards for critical production metrics.
Create a centralized, highly available logging solution for distributed microservices using a distributed logging platform.
Automate detection of high-risk software dependencies early in the SDLC by performing software composition analysis after every build. Work with product owners and developers to help mitigate vulnerabilities in future software versions.
Periodically identify critical security vulnerabilities in release software using vulnerability analysis tools and implement fixes.
Manage development suites like GitHub, Jenkins, Artifactory.
Support remote deployment teams during customer deployments.
Upskill and support various teams on bleeding edge technologies.
Collaborate with engineering and QA teams to ensure the proper delivery of software.
Work on end-to-end continuous integration and delivery pipelines.

What You Will Need To Bring With You:

(experience & education required)

administering Linux (RHEL & Debain).
scripting in Bash scripting.
programming in Python.
version control on Git.
building Maven applications.
provisioning infrastructure on AWS (EC2, S3, ELB, IAM,etc).
CI/CD pipelines on Jenkins.
configuration management using Ansible.
managing build artifacts on Artifactory.
containerizing applications on Docker.
orchestrating containers with Kubernetes.
monitoring and dashboarding with Prometheus & Grafana.
working with Consul service mesh.
working with MySQL databases.
logging with Elastic Stack.
deploying applications with Tomcat.
using Apache HTTPD and NGINX as a reverse proxy

Other Considerations: (physical demands/ unusual working conditions)

Proven ability to drive continuous value of the product suite
Effective communication skills – speak, listen, and write in a clear, thorough and timely manner using appropriate and effective communication tools and techniques
Have the courage to always act with integrity.
Be humble, intellectually honest and deal with reality constructively
Embrace different perspectives, experiences, aptitudes, knowledge, and skills in order to leverage the power of diversity.
Share your knowledge proactively. Provide and solicit challenge consistently and respectfully.
Seek, develop and utilize the visions, strategies, methods and products that will enable us to create the greatest value.