Junior Engineer – Electrical & Instrumentation

January 25, 2022
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Job Description

Job Description:
Key Responsibilities / Tasks / Activities

Conduct tool box talk / safety / quality pep talk and allocate technicians to work area / job station / equipment and ensure that they are optimally utilized

Undertake general checking LLF, fill daily check sheet and perform standard safety checks, as may be required; also perform standard general shift corrective actions that are required to be undertaken

Respond to emergencies, escalate major breakdowns to management and manage the emergency to the best of ability

Plan for and ensure tools, material and parts availability for all shifts’ Work Order (WO) completion; ensure appropriate tools and PPEs are being used and also undertake verification and checking of calibration done on measuring instruments

Validate HIRA / JSAs and contribute to creation of new HIRA / JSA, if and when required

Contribute to Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to identify the real issues in breakdown and provide solutions so that same breakdowns are not repeated

Identify the true nature of the maintenance issue and engage with other maintenance departments or agencies to ensure that the problem is attended to and resolved in time

Monitor technicians in terms of quality of Work Order execution and adherence to SOP / SWI and safety norms while they are performing the maintenance activities; support and guide the technicians to ensure timely completion of the assigned maintenance work

Maintain housekeeping standards, especially post job completion, and ensure that all tools / instruments are stored properly

Contribute to the preparation of the preventative maintenance schedule and also create the necessary Work Orders as part of the preventive maintenance schedule

Perform preventive maintenance and standard overhauling jobs as per the determined preventative maintenance / overhauling job schedule

Monitor any jobs that have been given to third party on a contractual basis and co-ordinate with OEM supplier maintenance persons for any modifications or improvement projects in the work area

Control all types of operational losses and contribute to controlling of utilization of natural resources such as raw materials, electricity, air, fuel, oil, water etc.

Identify hazards, conduct safety (BBS) and near-miss observations and instruct technicians on safety procedures and standards to be followed; ensure safety reporting at the end of the shift

Contribute to RCM / IMS / IMEA activities; facilitate QC activities, conduct WCM small group meetings, motivate team to participate in such activities and undertake skill development of technicians through OJT (on the job) training / classroom training

Co-ordinate with other departments, third party vendors and management to ensure smooth information flow to ensure that operations are carried out and any emergencies, challenges, issues are resolved without any losses being incurred

Assist in annual planning and budgeting exercise related to spares and services

Follow up with the supplier and the Procurement team for timely and correct delivery of materials

Inspect materials received from the supplier for quality and quantity, undertake testing of the material on the shop floor and manage material returns in case of quality defects

Update ERP / system / document (in relevant format) with details of equipment, it’s location, preventive maintenance schedule and breakdown job plans

Assist in compiling data for insurance budget / items review

Participate in WCM activities; conduct safety observations and perform near miss reporting

Co-ordinate with other departments, third party vendors and management to ensure smooth information flow to ensure that operations are carried out and any emergencies, challenges, issues are resolved without any losses being incurred

Carryover and complete pending work of general shift or previous shift and perform any standard overhauling or preventative maintenance jobs or preparatory jobs that have been scheduled in the shift

Specific Key Responsibilities

Monitor and maintain spare parts inventory (DCS) and also co-ordinate with the concerned departments / Procurement team for purchases

Co-ordinate with Operations team for safety interlock testing

Ensure periodic software backup of control system and PHD

Inspect and maintain health of fire alarm systems and provide related reports to concerned authorities for information / action, as may be required

Implement / support implementation of ARCs, logics and customization of graphics

Effectively transition to other shifts and provide shift reporting / eReporting / MIS at the end of the shift, including making entries in the log book

Maintain equipment maintenance data, including historical data of maintenance of each equipment, and record the same in a system to facilitate easy and accurate reporting

Ensure appropriate handover of equipment to Operations post Work Permit / Work Order completion; monitor and observe the performance and working of the equipment handed over and check for any abnormalities

Prepare Work Permit and / or LOTOTO and provide the same to Operations for clearance; post receipt of clearance, ensure that the equipment is isolated / de- energized and proper handover is taken from Operations before commencing any maintenance work