Offshore Wind Yield Analyst

February 7, 2022
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Job Description

Your further responsibilities include:

Management, processing, and provision of wind data (via data and acquisition management), as well as mathematical, statistical analysis and modelling (long-term wind climate, wind energy potential analysis, wind energy forecasting) for the purpose of net yield modelling for projects in different lifecycle phases (due diligence, development, engineering, operations) using industry standard tools.
Develop and optimize wind farm layout designs with focus on LCOE and maximization of yield.
Help to develop a database of meteorological met mast and floating lidar, tracking data and tower status.
Further develop and implement methods, models, processes, and software solutions.
Evaluate design concepts, technical solutions, inherent risks (in terms of wind yield, energy yield, modelling, uncertainty analysis) and review of third-party energy yield assessment reports.
What we need from you?

We’re keen to hear from individuals with a Bachelor’s in either Engineering, Science, Meteorology, Physics, Mathematics.

Furthermore, we would like to see the following skills and competencies:

At least 3 years relevant experience and expertise in offshore or onshore wind statistics, wind modelling, energy yield calculation, layout optimization and wind turbine technology.
Experience in numerical or CFD modelling.
A solid background in quantitative evaluation and experience handling large datasets for analysis.
Experience using wake modelling software solutions (like Windographer, Windpro, OpenWind, or any other standard wind industry tool/software). Mapping experience is a plus.
Excellent in communication, both verbally and in writing.