Overall Vehicle Development

February 14, 2022
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Job Description

1. Vehicle package during development phases and series production, which meets the project objectives regarding dimensional concept, function, quality, legal specifications and production requirements. Relevant cross-functional departments (e.g. testing, passive safety, durability, protoshop, production, after-sales) shall be involved. Conflicting objectives shall be revealed and resolved.
2. Supervision and validation of assigned vehicle building space: consultation of component engineers for missing part geometries, commissioning component engineers for geometrical adjustments of their parts, support of vehicle DMU-team concerning maintenance of the digital product (e.g. snapshots).
3. Ensure documentation of development progress in the RD systems (Smaragd etc.).
4. Continuous interaction with component engineers and protoshop regarding part functions (e.g. trunk lid hinges, retractable soft top) and assembly sequence with influence on the building space.
5. Contributions to the concept and vehicle requirement specifications.
6. Initialization and implementation of measures in the event of deviations from the vehicle specifications and module strategy or other change requirements.
7. Package release of the assigned parts: prompt handling of parts in Smaragd worklist, conducting thorough package check and documenting of results in Smaragd (“Approved”, “Declined”, “Approved with concerns”). Independent time management for timely finishing of package releases (as soon as possible, maximum 10 days).
8. Regular checking of Bill of Material of responsible carlines/platforms in PDM (SMARAGD)
9. Support successful execution of DBBK through sub activities such as FVKiP reconciliation and Collision Management
10. Creation of Certification/homologation, GCIE & other drawings.
11. Ensure documentation of development progress in the RD systems (Smaragd etc.) for Master Blatt, 3D-Maßsolids, Masterlist.
12. Benchmarking of relevant vehicle dimensions and specifications
Specific knowledge:
Good understanding of overall vehicle design and vehicle development process.
Good understanding of Packaging concepts
Good Skills in UG-NX Modelling, NX tubing, NX Electrical.
Good Knowledge on Sheet metal Design
Understanding of vehicle electrical systems and wiring harness routing
Good Knowledge on Plastics Design
Knowledge on Cockpit system, Centre Console, Seating, Interior Trims for making concepts.
Knowledge of Interior and Exterior trims, understanding of tailgate mechanism.
Knowledge of Exhaust system, Fuel system, Hydraulic lines, Axles, towing mechanism.
Knowledge of Exterior Trims, Cooling module and cooling lines, HVAC system, Hydraulics, Steering system, Suspension, Front axle, Exhaust system
Engine, Engine peripheral, Transmission, Engine mounts
Understanding of Crash behavior and pedestrian protection.
Basic knowledge of Hybrid and Electric vehicle architecture.
Basic knowledge of High voltage battery, On-board charger, power electronics, charging socket, E-motor.