Power Delivery engineer

January 22, 2022
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Job Description

Job Description
Design and Validation of Power delivery solutions for Reference/Validation boards. Conducts or participates in multidisciplinary research in the design, development, testing and utilization of low voltage DC-DC regulators and power management circuits design for GPU/SOC based platforms and/or electrical components, mechanisms, materials, and/or circuitry, processes, for GPUs and/or peripheral equipment on a platform. Design efforts includes understanding platform architecture and requirements to come up with design specification, schematics capture and integration, PCB layout review against design guides, component selection, release of Bill of Materials, support and release of relevant documents and test plans. Ensures products conform to standards and specifications. Develops plans and cost estimates and assesses projects to analyze risk. Develops procedures, analysis and design for computer components, products, and systems. Design efforts also involves working with BIOS/FW teams for receivables and deliverables for successful Power Delivery implementation. Initiates, guides, and coordinates overall design and development of new ideas and products. Responds to customer/client requests or events as they occur. Develops solutions to problems utilizing formal education and judgement. Tool knowledge required for board design – Concept / Orcad for schematics capture, BOM tools and Cadence Allegro and Sigrity/Power DC for PCB layout reviews.


Should have a Bachelor of Engineering or a Masters degree of Science/Engineering in the field of Electronics and Communication with 1-5 years of relevant experience. Skills: Should have the ability to design low voltage high current DC DC buck or buck boost regulators to meet stringent targets. Optimize the design for transient response and conversion efficiency Should have the ability to quickly identify the new technologies/interfaces and arrive at board power delivery architecture. Should have good presentation and communication skills so that he/she can represent the design teams in various forums. Should be able to interact with Signal integrity, Layout and Mechanical engineers with fundamental knowledge on SI/PI, PCB, CAD layout and mechanicals involved in PC board designs. Should be able to handle high end scopes, logic analyzer and appropriate tools required for board debug. Having good board and power management (HW/SW/FW) debug knowledge would be added advantage