Software Developer for Hybrid, Fuel Cell & EV’s

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Job Description

Project Overview

We are working on state of the art technologies in electrification topics like Electric vehicles, Fuel cells, Range extender and Hybrid vehicles.

We are responsible for Asia pacific region (Korea, Japan, China, India…) for complete ASW solutions on electrification topics.
We develop System and Software functions for BOSCH platform and OEM specific project requirements for various topologies in electric vehicle segment.
We support for up and running of electric demonstration vehicle with various OEMs
We develop System and Software functions for 48V BRS, Fuel Cells, Vehicle Functions & Devices, Thermal Management, Body Interior, Electrical Device & supply systems for BOSCH platform and also support OEM specific project requirements.
We also support for platform demonstrators (GS/DS) at Germany/ Austria/Japan/ Korea/China.
We are in close collaboration with PS-EC departments as well as system engineering departments for concept and software development for global customers.
Key Responsibilities

Complete ASW solution for Electrical and Hybrid Vehicle system
System analysis of Hybrid, Electrical Vehicle system for various vehicle topologies.
Function development for Fuel Cell, Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), Hybrid and Electrification for BOSCH Platform/OEM
Development of functions, Software using MatLab and ASCET tools.
Work on ASPICE compliance.
Test in Open loop and Closed loop systems
Simulate vehicle behavior & test using simulation tools
Vehicle validation
Work as part of global team working for global projects
Mandatory skills

Strong in Embedded C.
Knowledge on Control Systems, vehicle dynamics
Candidate should be passionate about automotive engineering.
Fundamentals on Automotive physics and components (Braking, Engine, Electrical motor, DC-DC convertor, Clutch, Transmission, Differential etc.,)
Knowledge on torque structure will be added advantage
Fundamentals on Mechanics (Linear motion, Rotational Motion, Friction)
Knowledge in MATLAB/ ASCET Modeling and Auto-coding tools
Knowledge on Requirement management tools like DOORS, RQ1.
Knowledge on software configuration management tools (like eASEE/SCM)
Knowledge in PC based testing tools (Like TPT etc.)
Testing in close loop environment (INCA, ETAS tools) and vehicle validation will be added advantage.
Driving experience and ability to relate to theoretical mechanics will be an added advantage
Good team player, good communication skills, flexible in working.
Good Knowledge on communication protocols (e.g., CAN, LIN) / Input-Output (ADC, PWM) / Memory (EEPROM, FLASH, NVM) / Micro-controller (Micro controller startup, Timers)