Advanced Structural Simulation

January 25, 2022
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Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities
The primary responsibility of this position is to conduct electromagnetic analysis of motor / generator designs, modelling and design of electric machines for advanced traction motors and generators to achieve performance requirements.
Perform motor electromagnetic simulations along with design optimization
Support sizing and trade-off study of motor system and thermal management system, through accurate modelling and simulation
Conversant with different types motors Technology like PMSM, Induction, Switch Reluctance & Synchronous Reluctance for EV & HEV applications
Work on Motor Control Algorithms and strategies for Better Performance.
Create Workflows for Automation of Electromagnetic simulations
Develop, verify, and optimize design process to predict and optimize electric machine performance through improved materials, modelling methods, and design algorithms.
Work along with thermal team for different cooling system methodologies for traction application.