Service Engineer (EMT)

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Job Description

Diagnose, adjust, repair or overhaul port equipment of Liebherr EMT division.
Apply electrical, electronically, hydraulically and mechanical theory and related knowledge to test and modify operational electrical machinery and electrical control, electronically control equipment and circuitry, hydraulically circuits and components, mechanical equipment.
Operate machine for test, inspection, diagnoses and trouble shoot.
Test mechanical products and equipment after repair or modification to ensure proper performance and compliance with manufacturer’s specifications.
Repair and replace damaged or worn parts with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spares and OEM repaired parts.
Clean, lubricate and perform other routine maintenance work on Liebherr machines.
Examine parts for damage or excessive wear using relevant measuring devices.
Read, understand, and interpret operating manuals, parts manuals, blueprints and technical drawings.
Overhaul and test machines or equipment to ensure operating efficiency and safe integrity of the machine.
Oversees the maintenance of quality standards through visual and mechanical inspection methods.
Oversees the handling and disposing of hazardous wastes, such as toner, oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, auto parts cleaner, and similar material.
Demonstrate working knowledge of Liebherr Service Software (i.e LIDOS ), Sculi and any other software released from time to time.
Prepare for jobs by checking parts and documentation for accuracy and completeness and any possible required online safety courses.
Complete jobs independently with as little assistance from others as possible.
Assist customers with troubleshooting, part and machine related questions when needed.
While assisting customer or during visits to machines inform and ensure customer and their operation and maintenance staff follows the correct maintenance practices. Wherever needed record the incorrect processes and instruct customer to follow the correct practices.
Recommend required spares/lubricants to customers to increase spares business.
Cares and maintains company tools, machines and equipment.
Maintains a positive attitude and role model for the other employees to follow.
Trains and/or mentors others in department.
Sets positive example of punctuality and professional conduct by respectful communication with all levels of staff, keeping work areas clean and orderly and promoting safety regulations and all other company programs.
Complete assigned paperwork as to procedures led down time to time. Fill out all forms properly including customers signatures where applicable.
Promotes a safe work environment by following onsite safety rules and ensuring the group and self-follow established safety procedures.
Overseas the handling and disposing of hazardous waste , such as toner oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, auto parts cleaner, and similar material wherever required.
Apart from all above carries out any responsibility assigned by management from time to time.