Vehicle Dynamics/Systems Engineer

January 21, 2022
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Job Description

Key Responsibilities And Authorities

Responsible for integration of Electric Power Steering system into specific vehicle applications
System engineering in electric power steering systems for the automotive industry
Functions development of an embedded systems to the vehicle architecture
Assist vehicle level steering tuning process through model simulation of advanced functions
Support development and optimization through model simulation methods the system performance in terms of stability, safety, steering feel and disturbance rejection
Base vehicle level Tuning of the EPS Software steering calibration
Lead system stability calibration development for each given vehicle application up to validation release process
Base steering and chassis evaluation in terms of ride and handling performance and NVH
Perform measurements and stablish analysis methods and tools concerning objective data logging
Participate on development, analysis and optimization through the application of simulation methods of functions such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and vehicle dynamics related performance
Support translating costumer defined functions into product solutions and their system integration
Basic knowledge of system definition, sizing of the electric power steering system
Assist, by means of simulation and vehicle testing, the functional safety development and its application
Modeling and Simulation of system controls and new functions
Mobility to cover above functions on other countries, following our customer base
Stay abreast of automotive technology
I Education

Qualifications required:
Bachelor, Master of Science or equivalent in Automotive Engineering, Mechatronic, Mechanical, Electrical, Aeronautic, or equivalent Engineering, and Vehicle Dynamics or Automotive education
II Experience
Solid knowledge or work experience or education background in vehicle dynamics
Solid knowledge or experience on data logging, analytic and simulation tools like Matlab / Simulink, Vector CANAPE/CANOE/CANALYZER
Solid knowledge on automotive systems model simulation
Familiarity with automotive electronics and communication protocols (FlexRay and CAN)
Familiarity with functional safety
III Skills/Training
Enjoy driving, vehicle technology and vehicle testing
Capable to work extended periods in vehicles, still and moving
Valid driver license
Proving Ground test driver training is a plus
Written and verbal communication skills in English are a must, French is preferred, other languages are a plus
Corporate Competences
Empowered to Act
Constructive Communication
Personal Growth
Passion for Perfect Quality
Clear and Timely Decisions
Integrity & Accountability
Customer Focus
Relentless Innovation
Collaborative Relationships