Diagnostic Engineer

February 21, 2022
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Job Description

The Role

Your main task will be in depth analysis of individual machines that have or will have problems in the near future. To this end you use SMARTLINK data and information from the ERP system. Goal of this remote analysis is clear advice/instructions for our local service organization to fix the root cause of the problem. In order to bring the insights into actions you will work closely with contact persons in the various customer centers. Next to the daily diagnostics tasks, you will be in close contact with the other diagnostic teams. As such you are not only a user of the systems but we expect your valuable input on further process improvements. To further increase the intelligence of the platform, input is required to further expand the logic and algorithms we use when performing pre-checks of events.

What you can expect from us?

A work culture known for respectful interaction, ethical behaviour and integrity.
Access to Global Job Opportunities as a part of Atlas Copco Group
Opportunities to grow and develop
Potential to see your ideas realized and to make an impact
New challenges and new learnings

What we expect of you?

Experience requirements:

Bachelor of Engineering / Technology in Mechanical Engineering with 5 to 10 years of field Experience in trouble shooting / field testing of compressors.

Insights in machine behavior through practical experience (prototype testing, field troubleshooting) is required.

Field experience, knowing typical compressor room setups and conditions, is considered a strong plus.


You have strong technical knowledge with specific knowledge of the Atlas Copco and Brand Portfolio Compressor Technique equipment range.

Main focus will be on screw compressors (Oil Free and Oil Injected) , but experience on centrifugal compressors, dryers (refrigerant, adsorption), vacuum pumps is a plus

Good analytical skills. You feel comfortable working with numbers/data, e.g. collecting and analyzing trend graphs, combining the info with insights from ERP and previous site visits to come to a sound conclusion.

You are fluent in English: both written and spoken.

Personality requirements:

You like open communication and enjoy working with different cultures.

You are decisive (not afraid of making errors and willing to learn by doing).

Open minded. Expect the unexpected (stay sceptical when viewing at the data and info).

Not afraid to approach other stakeholders (customer center specialists, local engineering or technical support specialists).

You work with a structured approach when collecting info and data, but also when closing the feedback loop to further increase your learning.