Engineering Incharge

January 22, 2022
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Job Description

Job Description
· Direct the budgeting process for all Capital expenditure & renovations.

· Develop systems and procedures that ensure safety of guest, employees, plant, machinery and property.

· Create a work environment that is high in employee morale and provides constant learning & development and use the feedback from ESS to draw an action plan.

· Recruitment and Performance Appraisal/ Management of the staff in the department.

· Develop & Implement the annual plan using the TBEM framework, linking the department’s objectives to the unit’s overall strategy.
· Plan & execute preventive maintenance and upkeep of engineering services.

· Plan & implement up gradation and replacement programme for engineering systems and equipment.

· Monitor energy consumption and design methods for conservation and optimization of energy.

· Ensure that all the engineering & maintenance activities/systems adhere to the standards/efficiency/productivity levels that have been set for the unit.

· Recommend changes in processes, materials and equipment, in order to enhance service levels and improve the operational efficiency.

· Responsible for maintaining the physical plant that includes capital improvements and continuing renovations to the plant.

· Maintain the fire safety system through regular inspection of fire alarm and sprinkler system.

· Make periodic checks of completed repair and maintenance work to ensure that the established standards have been met.

· Keep the management informed regarding the expenditure, the physical condition of the hotel or any other information required for management decision-making.

· Co-ordinate with Executive Housekeeper, Front Office Manager and other HODs on preventive maintenance of rooms and other repair work.

· Liaise with government agencies to ensure compliance with statutory requirements.

· Keep informed of industry innovations and advances in technical and property management fields.

· Develop departmental trainers in association with the training department & oversee all the training activities within the department.

· Identify key communities, plan various initiatives and co-ordinate the support activities.

Job Requirements
§ Thorough knowledge of mechanical, electrical, civil and related equipment and working knowledge of all other plant, equipment and utilities.

§ Energy & environment conservation techniques

§ Engineering inventory management & Capital Budgeting

§ Knowledge of Automated building management system, work request systems, fire alarm and sprinkler systems etc.

§ Working knowledge of MS Office

§ Knowledge of statutory compliances related to electrical fittings, boilers etc.