Manager – Brakes Systems

July 5, 2022
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Job Description

About the job
The position of “Manager, Brakes – DAC and Vehicle System” will be responsible for following activities:

To look after complete Brake System design & development of an electric vehicle
Calculations & Sizing of the foundation brakes including caliper, rotor, booster / e-booster, brake hoses & tubes & parking brake mechanism.
Setting targets and supplier discussions
Finalizing proposals from the supplier to suit the vehicle.
Finalizing the validation plan (component & vehicle level)
Releasing the design 3d & 2d in system & GD&T approved.
Performing interface signoffs with CFTs before releasing the Design.
Responsible for homologation clearance for brake components & at vehicle level.
Addressing issues/component failures at the time of bench level testing & vehicle testing
Root causing and identifying the interim & permanent containment actions.
Supporting launch activities like addressing manufacturing issues related to assemblies, rolls testing, brake bleeding, brake fluid filling etc…
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Expert in Design & Development of Brakes System for Cars.
Able to define technical specs and features along with targets.
Able to perform calculations, define validations & should have a good know how of the performance of the Brakes systems
Foundation Brakes Sizing, calculations, packaging on vehicle, hoses & tube design etc.
Full awareness and knowledge of component & vehicle level brake regulations for Indian market & rest of the world market (Europe & America)
Expertise in brakes actuation systems like booster, pedals (design & calculations, pedal ratios etc..), ABS, EBD, Active Brake Assist, e-Booster, e-Vacuum Pump, configuration of brakes with ADAS Tech etc…
Good Knowledge on BOM, Layouts, architecture suitability, Cad Studies and preparation of Engg BOM to Production BOM
Should be able to operate Solid Works & PLM Software.
Good in Root Causing brake related issues on component & vehicle level.
Prior work experience in electric mobility / electric vehicle development will add weightage.
Essential Skills

Quick learner with the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, maintain focus and adapt to a variety of challenges
Ability to conduct detailed procedures in a time-constrained environment
Familiarity with process scale-up
Good in MS Office.