Battery Testing Engineer

March 1, 2023
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Job Description

River is an electric vehicle startup building multi-utility scooters. The company builds products ground up with a strong focus on design and engineering. Currently, the company is in the product development stage with prototypes being tested on the road. River is backed by marquee international investors – Lowcarbon Capital, Toyota Ventures, Israel based Maniv mobility and US based Trucks VC. These are mobility focused funds backed by some of the big names in the automotive industry. River is founded by experienced automotive professionals and is a fast growing company with a team of 180+ people.

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Location : Whitefield Bangalore(On-site)

Job title: Battery Testing Engineer

Job Description:

1.Maintain battery lab and perform cell level and pack level tests.

2.Understand testing requirements from BMS and Battery pack designers.

3. Perform aging tests at various C-rates and ambient conditions to aid development Of optimal fast charging algorithm.

4. Perform characterization tests like HPPC, SOC vs OCV, GITT, Capacity test etc.

5. Perform cyclic and calendar aging tests.

6. Test BMS for functionality and protection features.

7. Data crunching and analysis using excel, python or MATLAB and create reports.


Experience: 1-3 years


Skillset: Cell, pack and BMS testing, operate cyclers and test equipment