EV Hardware Engineer

April 10, 2023
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Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities

To define motor control and ECU and Vehicle control ECU given by customer. Define interface module for different vehicle components.

Define appropriate motor control hardware depending on different types of motor and control algorithm.

Definition of micro controller platforms and associated circuits based on the system specif cation agreed with the customer. Ensure HW performance as per system functional spec and EMI/EMC spec

Conducting DFMEA for motor control unit and other control units

Performing related design calculation/analysis/simulation and defining circuit components

Managing project time line for HW development and ensuring of timely deliverable of HW design documentation(Schematics,BOM,Gerber data, etc)

Monitoring proto board assy and board bring up. Monitoring the tests carried out on the proto ensuring proper functionality.

Defining environmental and electrical validation plan including EMI/EMC. Coordinating with validation team to carry out the validation.

HW trouble shooting for any HW failure and performing root cause analysis

Carrying out DFM activity co ordination with MFG and process team to define effective manufacturing process.

Define end of line test spec, ICT & FCT test spec

Ensure availability of proto parts with test reports for the customer and internal activities as per project milestones.

Carry out VA/VE activities for cost optimization.

To keep the HW cost within the cost target.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) / Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) or M.Tech in Electronics

Technical Skills

Analog and mixed signal circuit design for motor and high power application.

Micro controller based circuit design for motor control and vehicle applications

Use of schematic tools, net list generation, BOM preparation, Defining guidelines for PCB layout and circuit simulation tools for functionality,parametric sweep and Monte Carlo analysis.

Power management system for EV application ( DC – DC converter & battery management system)

Understanding of power electronic design

Component selection for different circuit functionality based on circuit calculation/analysis and component de-rating

Knowledge of Automotive electronics or Mechatronics products

Understanding of different types of electrical machines, their performance and constructions

DFMEA/FTA/Safety standards ISO 262262, EMI/EMC standards, environmental validation standards for EV application.

Understanding of inter connecting components ( Connectors) for EV applications

Good understanding of electronic product manufacturing process

Desired Experience

5-8 Years. Experience in HW designing for motor control ECUs and other automotive controllers

Behavioral & Other Attributes

Ability to work with multi dimensional technical teams

Precise and analytical.

Adept at Time Management

Good Written and Oral communication skills