Motorcycle Mechanic , Motorcycle Technician , EV mechanic

January 30, 2023
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Job Description

Own the motorcycle: provide concept-through-production technical oversight for a new family of EVs to ensure the development and delivery of great motorcycles.

Diagnosing complex problems on multiple manufacturer’s products by using latest diagnostic equipment

Demonstrate and drive the application of robust technical fundamentals to optimize the motorcycle across performance, aesthetics, cost, timing, quality, manufacturing, and assembly.

Lead development by ensuring alignment between cross-functional areas and influencing stakeholders to proactively plan and manage deliverables guaranteeing their success.

Coach and mentor through the utilization of individual and group design, drawing, and specification reviews.

Build a lean and agile culture that efficiently and effectively delivers world-class motorcycles with an industry-leading product development team.

Work closely with the engineering team to promote continuous improvement in design.

Dismantles partially or completely defective unit or parts of vehicle such as DC/DC converters, rear axle, front axle, steering assembly, radiator, etc.According to nature of repairs to be done, using hoist, jack, pullers, hand tools and other devices.

Replaces or repairs defective parts of gear box, rear axle, steering mechanism,

SoC mapping for charging and discharging, Inspecting & testing a battery after charging, safe storage, handle, and dispose of high voltage battery systems, Diagnose, repair, and test high voltage battery systems.

Diagnose, repair, and testing of EV battery controls etc. and sets them right ensuring correct alignment, clearance, meshing of gears, specified movements and operations.

Relines and builds brakes, sets wheel alignment, adjust, steering, clutch, hand brakes etc. fits new or repaired accessories and body parts, makes electrical connection, and performs other tasks to effect repairs.

Lubricates, joints, tightens loose parts, tests performance of vehicle by driving on road and makes necessary adjustments to attain desired standard.

May assemble complete vehicle from finished components.